Booster Systems

What kind of water booster pump do you need?

You need to increase the water pressure and flow from your water system.

The correct booster pump will give your water system the extra boost necessary to get your water pressure flowing at the desired level. We will help you get the right booster pump. Our experienced team of professionals understand pumps and can advise you on a booster pump that will boost your system.

We understand that people battle with:

  • Low water pressure and flow
  • Pumps that don’t last as long as they should
  • Booster systems not performing well once installed

We will help you select the right pump.

Types of water booster pump systems

There are two main types of water booster pumps: some are self-priming and others are not. Self-priming pumps offer the advantage of being able to operate when a bit of air gets trapped inside without stopping. We supply water booster pumps manufactured by reliable international companies including DAB, Ebara and Foras. We are trained in the installation and maintenance of these pumps by the manufacturers and can advise you on any technical questions.

If you know what your problem is and what pump you are looking for, you can select and buy a pump below.

If you don’t know what to do, tell us about your situation and we will advise you.

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