Submersible Pumps

How do you choose the right submersible pump for what you need to do?

You need to get the right pump for the job it has to do

We will help you. Our experienced team of professionals understand pumps and can help you choose the best pump for your specific situation.

We understand that people battle with:

  • Pumps not lasting as long as they should
  • Excessive maintenance and energy costs
  • Pumps not performing like you’d want them to because you don’t have the right head (height) and flow for an application

We can help you.

What is a Submersible Pump?

Submersible Pumps have a motor that is water-tight (hermetically sealed), so that the entire pump can be completely submerged in a liquid. They are frequently used for pumping sewage, wastewater, oil, draining water or slurries from construction sites and mines, irrigation, deep wells and boreholes.

Quality is important

  • A submersible pump needs to be safe because it uses electricity under water
  • It needs to be correctly installed for safe and effective operation

We install, service and supply proven, international brands that are guaranteed.

Need help selecting a submersible pump?

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