Service & Repairs


Our water pump service centre offers:

  • In-workshop service
  • On-site service
  • Service contracts

We service and repair most major pump brands, including Dab, Grundfos and Wilo pumps.


Keeping a pump well-maintained makes good sense because:

  • The pump works efficiently
  • There is less down-time
  • The pump’s life is prolonged

Ultimately, you get peace of mind, knowing that your pump is functioning optimally and water flows like it should.


We recommend taking out an AfriPumps service contract. We will service your pump at regular intervals, taking any guesswork out of servicing intervals.


People sometimes wonder if it’s worth fixing their pump. We suggest: “why replace a pump when you can fix it up and use it for a few more years?”

We take pride in our pump fault finding ability. Our workshop Manager, Iban Erasmus, is so knowledgeable that he’s developed a reputation as a “Pump Guru”.


Common problems people experience with pumps:

  • Pumps that get water in the motor
  • Unmarked pumps that people battle to find spare parts to fit
  • Parts not fitting right and not being tested, causing the pump to fail too soon

We can help diagnose and fix a problem.

Water pump parts and repair services:

  • We use genuine OEM parts that last
  • We are a DAB Service Agent for the DAB E.Sybox range
  • We are Service Agents for Ebara pumps and authorized to offer Ebara Warranties

We keep stock of emergency replacement parts for major brands.


Wilo NL Bareshaft pump coupled to motor for clean water application.

Ebara Best 4M Stainless Steel Submersible pump – mech seal and lip seals were replaced.

Alpha Bareshaft pump coupled to motor on a baseplate. This pump is used for a river water application.

A HA2/1B Slurry pump for a slurry application.

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